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About "Jidian's Links"

"Jidian's Links" is a resource website for evangelical and Christianity-related contents in Chinese on the Internet. The Chinese website was initially established in the U. S. in 1998, which mainly provided a wide range of links to evangelical and Christianity-related Chinese websites and BBS'/forums. In November 2000 "Jidian's Links" was moved to be under the "God's Door" website in China. Today the website consists of a number of sepcialized columns on apologetics and Chinese Internet resources. The choice of content is based on Jidian's personal experience and interests, and mainly focuses on areas of apologetics and the relationship of Christian faith with culture and society. The content is constantly updated to reflect the continuing growth and development of evangelical and Christianity-related Chinese Internet contents (see Jidian's review on the Chinese Internet and the Gospel of Christ). The objectives of this website are to serve and to help Chinese netters (mainly in China, but also overseas) who are non-believers but wish to know more about Christian faith, and those who are already Christians but desire to grow in the Truth. There have been web site hit counterhits on this website since Nov. 1, 2000.

Jidian (which is the Chinese PinYin for "Gideon") was born in Chengdu, China. He came to the U. S. to get his post-graduate education in 1992, became a Christian and got baptized in the same year (see his testimony in English). He worked in the U. S. as a chemical scientist and technical manager from 1995 to 2011. Staring with discussions and debates with anti-Christian Chinese netters, he has been involved in evangelical and Christianity-related discussions on the Chinese Internet since 1995. He is still active on the Chinese Internet today. Since 2006 he has written on a few cultural and evangelical blogs on various Chinese websites, and he still (though not frequently) updates his personal blog on Sina. He updates his twitter, Google Plus and Miniblog (aka Weibo, the Chinese version of twitter) frequently. In 2009 a collection of his Internet dialogs with Chinese intellectuals about Christian faith was published in a book in the U. S. (English introduction of the book), and in 2012 a collection of his blog entries on Christian culture was published in a book in China (English introduction of the book). Both books can be ordered on-line both in the U. S. and in China. In 2011 he changed his career and became a full-time director of the Christian media organization Overseas Campus Ministries. He also studies theology at Reformed Theology Seminar Global. In the past years he has personally experienced the fast development of evangelical and Christianity-related websites, social media and new media, and witnessed their wondrous growth from virtually non-existence to almost omnipresence on the Chinese Internet. As an evangelical Christian who has been involved in Chinese churches in the U. S. and who has kept close contact with "house church" Christians in Mainland China, he pays special attention to evangelism on the Chinese Internet.and new media. It is his wish that this simple webpage would glorify God and benefit people.

Selected columns and contents of "Jidian's Links" (all in simplified Chinese):

  • Responses to Criticism of Christianity
    (Evolution, the Bible, Christianity, Reason, Science, Atheism, FAQ's, Suffereing and Evil, Culture and Thoughts...)
  • Hot Topics and Issues
  • "Cultural Christians" and Academic Studies on Christianity in China

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